Miss Marquez a.k.a Alyssa Marquez took her first dance class at the age of 3. She then spent her life training in classical ballet and has been performing as a professional dancer since high school. Miss Marquez has a nostalgic appreciation for the burlesque performers, Hollywood starlets, and cultural sex symbols who pioneered the way to allow Burlesque to become a growing and more mainstream form of entertainment. Since 2012 Miss Marquez has enjoyed bringing her tantalizing antics as a solo burlesque performer to some of the nations most illustrious venues including Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Club, Houston Hospitality’s No Vacancy and Harvard and Stone, Harvelle’s Jazz and Blues Club est. 1931, Cliftons Cafeteria, Highland Park Bowl, and Sassafrass Salon.

Miss Marquez is also the co-producer of LA's newest Burlesque Show MARIJUANA MADNESS, the tale of Cannabis prohibition during the Jazz Era utilizing the recent legalization of recreational Cannabis to elevate the audiences experience.